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Directorate of International Relations

The Directorate of International Relations is essential in academic development and global relations. It enables the development of institutional relationships for different levels of study and facilitates academic areas to build multiple projects with our strategic partners around the world. We offer global academic programs to Peru and the world.

Lines of Action

We focus on training global professionals by providing them with the necessary tools to work in international contexts according to the standards demanded worldwide.

We offer programs such as academic exchanges, Study Abroad Program, short courses at San Ignacio University, Disney Programs, Study Tours and Work & Travel.

1. Study Abroad Program - SIU, Miami

San Ignacio University is an American university that is part of the San Ignacio de Loyola Educational Corporation. USIL students have the exclusive benefit of studying an academic cycle in Miami paying their USIL pensions. They also have the possibility of doing pre-professional practices in Miami companies related to their field of studies.

Cycles in Miami last 4 months and are as follows:

  • January – April
  • May – August
  • September – December

USIL students benefit from the following:

  • They will be able to take courses in SIU-Miami under an American methodology.
  • Expand your network of international contacts
  • They will share experiences with students from different cultures and practice new languages
  • Pre-professional internship opportunities in the United States
  • They will greatly improve your CV, increasing your professional development

2. Short courses at San Ignacio University

They are virtual courses, 1 to 8 weeks, taught by San Ignacio University under an American methodology, but in Spanish. These courses can be taken in parallel with the USIL classes. The themes are varied. Among them are Trading Fundamentals and Strategies, Digital Marketing and Online Sales.

To review the available offer, you can go to the following link:


3. Disney shows

USIL has a close alliance with Walt Disney Corporation for more than 20 years. Through this important agreement, more than 2,500 students have been able to enjoy the benefits of working for the world’s largest entertainment company. Among these benefits are the following:

  • Training with high-level professionals at Disney on high standards of customer care and organizational culture.
  • Work experience at Disney that can be included in your CVs.
  • Competitive salary
  • Free tickets to Disney theme and water parks, as well as exclusive discounts for them, their family and friends.
  • Cultural exchange and coexistence with students from different parts of the world.
  • Practice English and other languages.
  • Exclusive residential complexes for international students and self-financed by the student through their work in the company.

Disney shows on USIL are five:

  • Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Orlando, Fl (2 months)
  • Disney Academic Exchange Program – Orlando, Fl (6 months)
  • Disney Culinary Program – Orlando Fl (6 months)
  • Disney Guest Relations Program – Orlando, Fl (1 year)
  • Disneyland Paris Academic Exchange Program – Paris, France (1 year)

4. Academic Exchanges

The USIL has globalization as its strategic pillar. For this reason, over the years, it has provided its students with international opportunities. The university’s more than 280 agreements have opened the doors for its students to conduct academic exchanges. Thus, students have had the opportunity to study for one or two periods in a partner university, sharing classrooms with students from all over the world, knowing their culture, academic demands and more global vision.

5. Work & Travel

Work & Travel is a U.S. government-sponsored cultural exchange program aimed at college students to provide them with a unique cultural immersion and work experience in the U.S. During their summer vacation (December to January).

6. Study Tours

Study tours are short programs where students get a cultural and academic experience, thanks to the agreements we have with our partners. These programs are mainly carried out during the students’ holidays to enhance their overall profile. One of the destinations is Canada, thanks to the agreement we have with McGill University, ranking university QS N°27. Other destinations are Panama, UAE, USA, Colombia and Argentina.

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Recognition and Validation
Digital Passport - INFOSIL 2021

Students can enter through INFOSIL and verify their international route, as well as see the programs to which they are enabled and can apply through this means.

CRM Outgoing Project

It was possible to systematize the Academic Exchange process for both periods of 2021 and thus register the students participating in the virtual exchange.

Alliance Finder

On the USIL International website, students can see all the global alliances and search according to their career the partners we have around the world.

Campaigns Products 2021

A total of 34 campaigns were conducted from January to November 2021.

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