Foreign Ministry and USIL sign agreement to promote Peruvian gastronomy abroad
  • 14 de March 2022

USIL promotes certification of Peruvian restaurants abroad through the program “Authentic Peruvian Cuisine”.

(Lima, February 1, 2019) The San Ignacio University of Loyola (USIL) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru today signed an agreement on inter institutional cooperation to promote Peruvian gastronomy and tourism in the world.

The agreement establishes the development of joint activities that promote the knowledge and dissemination of our rich and varied gastronomic cultural heritage, considered one of the most important in the world.

“Gastronomy is one of the most successful presentation letters that our country has internationally. There are about 5 thousand restaurants of Peruvian food in various parts of the world, of which a little more than 2 thousand 100 are registered by our embassies and consulates,” said USIL founder Raúl Diez Canseco Terry.

For his part, the Chancellor of the Republic, Néstor Popilizio, highlighted the role of Peruvian gastronomy as a reference of our agrobiological diversity and culture. “It is a great opportunity to increase the production of the national ingredients and inputs of Peruvian cuisine, which in the long run will also benefit our local producers,” he said.

San Ignacio de Loyola University has a great experience in the gastronomic field dating back to the inauguration of the San Ignacio Chef School in 1998. Since 2004, it has a strategic alliance with the Institut Paul Bocuse, prestigious gastronomic school in the world.

Through the agreement signed with the USIL Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he will promote the program “Authentic Peruvian Cuisine”, to certify the techniques of cooking, ingredients, preparation and presentation of the most representative dishes of the national gastronomy offered by Peruvian restaurants in various regions of the world.

The objective of this certification is to preserve the value of Peru’s gastronomy and promote the consumption of its inputs abroad, in order to guarantee diners a true experience of Peruvian dishes.

To date, 30 Peruvian restaurants have been certified in Russia, the United States of America, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.

The cooperation agreement was signed by the Chancellor of the Republic, Ambassador Néstor Popolizio, and by the founder and president of USIL, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry. The event was attended by Bernardo Roca Rey, renowned researcher of Peruvian cuisine, Adolfo Perret, Daniel Manrique, general manager of a well-known chain of cebichería and marine food and prominent personalities of the diplomatic and gastronomic world.

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