About Us

We have become the largest and most important educational training group in Peru because we consolidate the entire value chain of the education sector, from initial to postgraduate, with a focus on entrepreneurial, research, globalized, technological and values education.
The USIL Educational Corporation operates today with offices in Peru (Lima, Arequipa and Cusco), Paraguay (Asunción), the United States (Miami) and China (Beijing).

Our Purpose

Reduce inequality and promote the development of humanity through quality education.


To be a global educational corporation, in tune with the new digital economy, training human beings with competencies and skills to connect them to their national reality and to the world; preparing them for a highly competitive environment with a training based on values, which promotes talent and creativity.


Leaders in the formation of professional citizens with a competitive, entrepreneurial and ethical spirit, prepared for Peru and the world.


  • Entrepreneurship

    It is a trait that distinguishes our students: they choose to identify and make the most of business opportunities. Each initiative is committed to the success of its country, and is carried out ethically and morally.

  • Research and Development

    We awaken students’ capacity for observation and their critical spirit. We invest in infrastructure so that they can make their projects a reality and be the architects of new discoveries that solve the main challenges posed by the societies in which they develop.

  • Sustainability

    This pillar is reflected in our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, social responsibility, the 2030 Agenda, caring for the planet and addressing inequalities.

  • Globalization

    We confront our students with the academic and work demands of the world. They have the opportunity to travel, get to know and learn about other cultures, enhance their command of other languages, broaden their vision and return to their own country to apply the experience they have acquired.

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