EPG USIL teachers train collaborators of the League Against Cancer.
  • 14 de March 2022

In recognition of their dedicated work and contribution to society, the USIL Graduate School and Sustainability Directorate conducted three free workshops to strengthen the leadership and teamwork skills of a hundred Cancer League volunteers.

The training was carried out thanks to a framework agreement between the League Against Cancer, the Graduate School and the Sustainability Directorate of the USIL, which certified the participants who completed the workshop.

The representative of the League against Cancer, Catya López, said that reporting a person suffering from cancer is a difficult task, even for the most competent staff, so certain skills are required to effectively communicate this painful news.

Catya highlighted that since the founding of the league in 1950, they seek to train permanently, especially in the management of soft skills due to contact with patients and the difficult situations they must face in their care.

At another point, he said that the pandemic has increased the demand for care and that patients are under a lot of stress.

Opening the workshop, Miu Huang Li, director of Business Development and Institutional Relations at USIL Graduate School, congratulated the contributors for their noble work in preventing thousands of daily lives and for their dedication and quality of service that impacts and saves the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.

The goal of volunteering is to involve the EPG School and Community (teachers, students and graduates) in issues of social responsibility, in this opportunity providing collaborators of the League against Cancer the necessary tools to carry their day to day, Miu Huang Li said.

Likewise, Galia García-Hjarles, USIL’s Director of Sustainability, highlighted the volunteer work of teachers and the League’s concern for training its collaborators.

The workshops were held in three sessions and addressed topics related to: emotion and empathy management, teamwork and leadership, stress management and effective communication.

In order to carry out the workshops, the USIL Graduate School convened teachers from all Master’s, Doctoral and Executive Education programs. After meeting the requirements to lead the workshop, they were selected: Angelica Acurio López, Félix Ramírez, Luis Pérez Godoy, William Inafuku Taira, Jorge Beltrán Pacheco and José Marangunich, who with great enthusiasm and dedication donated their knowledge and time voluntarily

At the end, Jeslly Villa and Howell Limo, collaborators of the Cancer League, highlighted the help they received and the contribution that the training gives them to improve and strengthen their personal and professional development.

As part of the area of social service, they said they continually receive patients with suspected cancer diagnosis who often have doubts, bewilderment, hopelessness, so one must be very careful in dealing with them.

The data:

The USIL Graduate School has been conducting other volunteers, among them “Moli Emprenedor” with the Municipality of Molina, where Professor Roberto Tejeda gave a workshop on personal finance; and with the Municipality of Lima our teacher Roberto Sotero will give a workshop on Design Thinking.

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