Oxygenation Center for COVID-19 patients opens in Arequipa.
  • 14 de March 2022

CAT-02 will treat patients with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization at a complex level.

The solidarity initiative Respira Perú, formed by the Peruvian Bishops’ Conference, the National Society of Industries and the San Ignacio University of Loyola, today delivered the first Temporary Oxygenation Care Center (CAT-02) in the white city of Arequipa; This is the result of the collaboration and donations of hundreds of people, institutions and companies.

The CAT-02 is a temporary hospital care system within primary health care, designed by the Human Medicine Career and the Engineering Faculty of the USIL, and operated by Respira Perú.

Its purpose is to treat patients with suspicion or diagnosis of COVID-19 with mild to moderate respiratory insufficiency, who do not require hospitalization at a complex level, in order not to saturate the health system with cases that can be treated temporarily.

On behalf of Respira Perú, the Archbishop of Arequipa, Monsignor del Río Alba, said that the venue has been conditioned thanks to the collaboration of the private company of Arequipa and implemented by Respira Perú.

In addition to the CAT-O2, he indicated that 100 mechanical ventilators will also be delivered: 20 for the Manuel Torres Muñoz hospital in Mollendo, 20 for the III hospital in Yanahuara and 60 for the Carlos Alberto Seguín Escobedo hospital to be distributed to the EsSalud network; in addition, acrylic boxes for the protection of health personnel.

In this regard, the executive president of EsSalud, Fiorella Molinelli, highlighted the support that Respira Perú has been providing timely care to COVID-19 patients, especially in the face of the risk of a third wave.

About the oxygenation center, he reported that it has beds, oxygen concentrators and a pharmacy supplied; He also recalled that the first oxygen plant given by Respira Perú was installed in the Carlos Alberto Seguín Escobedo hospital in EsSalud.

For his part, the director of the USIL Entrepreneurs Institute, Juan José Venegas Soriano, highlighted the articulated work of the institutions that make up Respira Perú to provide solidarity support to the different hospitals in the country and thus face the pandemic.

He also stressed that USIL’s commitment to Arequipa is also reflected in the educational field, through the careers of Business Administration and International Business Administration that it offers to young entrepreneurs in Arequipa, considered a reference city of development in the south of the country.
Temporary Oxygenation Care Centers
Treatment in CAT-O2 consists of low-flow oxygen supplementation via binasal cannula, rest in the prone position for as long as possible and low-dose anticoagulation (when the patient requires it).

In CAT-O2, care should only be given to elderly patients referred by the healthcare system who present with mild or moderate respiratory symptoms and have suspected or diagnosed COVID-19.


The data:
Arequipa CAT-O2 is located in Av. Arequipa 714, Alto Selva Alegre district.

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