USIL and Mallplaza reward new entrepreneurs in Arequipa
  • 14 de March 2022

Embroidery from the Colca Valley, therapeutic aromatic seeds and organic seasoners are local businesses that will now arrive in Mallplaza Arequipa.

Comodora, the business model that revalues techniques of ancient embroidery of the Colca Valley by embroidered applications or woven in garments was the winner of the contest Entrepreneurship USIL Arequipa, organized by IE USIL and Mall Plaza.

After three months searching for Arequipa entrepreneurs, organizers chose six winners: 3 in the Unstoppable Entrepreneur category and 3 in the Entrepreneurship category.

Secondly, in Emprenedor Imparable, Armony was located, an initiative that contributes to improve the quality of life of families through therapeutic compresses of 100% natural seeds; while the third place was for Allimpaq, which makes seasoners based on aromatic, organic and high quality herbs, which help the good digestion.

The first three places in this category were awarded a free stand for six months at the Mall Plaza Arequipa, as well as training courses in business administration and marketing at IE USIL.

In the Entrepreneurship Initiative, the following were awarded: Warmi Driver, a digital taxi service platform that connects female drivers with users under the premise of quality, safety and trust; Milksti, an enterprise that promotes the care of the environment and the consumption of natural and healthy products; and Kitchen Channel, dedicated to promoting recipes and tips of Peruvian cuisine.

The director of the USIL Entrepreneurship Institute, Juan José Venegas, said that these projects respond to problems currently faced by companies and society; and they generate growth and jobs.

“Supporting entrepreneurs is important, because they help energize the economy. For this year, Arequipa is expected to have 10% growth, but this will depend on the investment made by the private and public sector,” he added.

Likewise, the deputy manager of Mallplaza Arequipa, Christian Howard, highlighted the role of entrepreneurs in the economic recovery of the country and the commitment of private enterprise to support initiatives that promote the economic, social and cultural development of the population.

To define the winners, the jury considered the degree of innovation of the proposal and its sustainability, the quantitative and qualitative strength of the business model, the potential of the market, among other criteria.

In the Entrepreneurship Initiative category, the jury included Daniel Diez Canseco Terry, USIL Vice President of Entrepreneurship; Juliana Correal, head of Corporate Affairs Mallplaza Region; Decio Rubio Urrelo, Director of Entrepreneurship at USIL.

While in the category Unstoppable Entrepreneur Juan José Venegas, executive director of IE USIL participated as jury; Andrés Oblitas Tejada, Academic Director of IE USIL; Juliana Correal, head of Corporate Affairs Mallplaza Region; John Fredy Ramírez, coordinator of Communities Colombia Mallplaza.

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